Who Are You?: I'm Dave
Where Are You?: In a flat in North London half watching The Simpsons
What Are You?: Male
What do you make?: Problems and solutions
What do you love?: My friends
What do you hate?: Nothing
What do you listen to?: Tony Bennett, Noel Coward, Wagner, Schubert, Magic 105.4FM
What do you watch?: London
What do you drink?: Bitter
What do you smoke?: Embassy No. 1s
What do you take?: About three pints
What do you believe in?: The map is not the territory. The meaning of any communication is the response it elicits etc

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a commuter town in Hertfordshire
What were you?: A poet
What did you wear?: Disastrous clothes and white trainers
What did you listen to?: Musicals
What did you watch?: Others
What did you love?: My friends
What did you hate?: My friends
What did you drink?: Red wine and lager
What did you smoke?: Marlboro lights
What did you take?: About 2 pints
What did you want to be?: Where I was for ever, and also to grow older to be able to look back on where I was
Who did you fight?: My family
Who/What did you believe in?: Love
Where did you go?: To the swings in the park with people from school and Swiss exchange students
What did you learn?: The power of connection, the illusion of envy

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