Who Are You?: doyster@hotmail.com
Where Are You?: Auckland,New Zealand.
What Are You?: a misanthrope and a boy
What do you make?: music,knobs turn, and little rolled up sticks out of bus tickets.
What do you love?: Flashing lights, my ibook, and all'o'my records
What do you hate?: some records that other people have,and one of those people.
What do you listen to?: Belle and Sebastian, early 70's Modern Lovers, Big Star, velvets,
What do you watch?: Whoever may be playing at "The Kings Arms" on whichever night I decide to go.
What do you drink?: Heinekin, and a local drop called Monteiths
What do you smoke?: Some times i smoke pot
What do you take?: I take what I need and nothing else.
What do you believe in?: That a junkie will shit on you. And that maybe, just maybe, there realy is a path of least resistance.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Christchurch, NZ
What were you?: This kida Goth/punk hybrid thing, and a bit of a mess.
What did you wear?: Rags and patches and, for some reason, flourescent hair extentions superglued to my dreadlocks,(what a sight)
What did you listen to?: The smiths,joy division,sneaky feelings,american hardcore,new zealand jangle music(i think people call it the dunedin sound}
What did you watch?: All the dunedin bands.
What did you love?: Melanie F
What did you hate?: Anything my mum thought was good for me and straights and rednecks and the thought of working
What did you drink?: Anything I could get.
What did you smoke?: Blackbird shag tobacco Pot
What did you take?: Mushrooms
What did you want to be?: I thought i WAS
Who did you fight?: No one
Who/What did you believe in?: Vegetarianism, and that "old'people were clearly very wrong
Where did you go?: No where
What did you learn?: Nothing much,oh, I learnt a lot about girls,and a bit about drugs but nothing about how I didn't know as much as i thought I did (that took a few more years)

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