Who Are You?: matt
Where Are You?: tennessee
What Are You?: a human of the male variety
What do you make?: words
What do you love?: jana
What do you hate?: when the rain stops
What do you listen to?: people
What do you watch?: people
What do you drink?: people
What do you smoke?: the words of people
What do you take?: sunshine in the morning after a rainy night
What do you believe in?: God

When We Were 16

Where were you?: georgia
What were you?: a narcissist of the male variety
What did you wear?: t-shirts and barettes
What did you listen to?: the radio
What did you watch?: the rain
What did you love?: rain
What did you hate?: ginger
What did you drink?: dr. pepper
What did you smoke?: peoples' words
What did you take?: a lot of patience
What did you want to be?: alive
Who did you fight?: my own psyche
Who/What did you believe in?: God
Where did you go?: rome
What did you learn?: to keep breathing

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