Who Are You?: SuperEGG
Where Are You?: The mindscape of Natalie Hope McDonald, a cartoonist sometimes.
What Are You?: An egg, of course, but not your run-of-the-mill ovum.
What do you make?: Random points.
What do you love?: This week? Elvis Presley. Last week, Marcel Proust.
What do you hate?: The Nut. He's my arch rival. (For all you Freudians, yes, this is gender centric with mass sexual overtones).
What do you listen to?: "Blue Hawaii"
What do you watch?: My back when The Nut is around.
What do you drink?: Cosmopolitans.
What do you smoke?: Jailhouse Crack Rock in episode three of the comic strip.
What do you take?: Irony for granted.
What do you believe in?: 1983, I think.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: A mere blip in my cartoonist's brain. She hadn't yet conceived of me. She was more concerned with getting her driver's license.
What were you?: Waiting to happen.
What did you wear?: Who needs clothes in the Garden of Eden? Otherwise, my yolk on my sleeve?
What did you listen to?: The beating of a little girl's heart.
What did you watch?: Out for fallen rocks.
What did you love?: The idea of ink more than living it.
What did you hate?: Waiting for my cartoonist to hit 25.
What did you drink?: In life.
What did you smoke?: Ghosts in the back of Lisa Loeb's head.
What did you take?: Time.
What did you want to be?: Not just any egg, but SuperEGG.
Who did you fight?: Years in waiting. It was no small matter. I do not believe in God.
Who/What did you believe in?: Good question.
Where did you go?: Into the symbolic pan.
What did you learn?: It's not easy being an egg.

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