Who Are You?: dna

Where Are You?: work. london.

What Are You?: lonely

What do you make?: video games

What do you love?: being in love

What do you hate?: being with lovers

What do you listen to?: for want of a better term 'ambient''chill''out''music'.

What do you watch?: movies mostly

What do you drink?: stella with vodka chasers

What do you smoke?: fags are sooooooo last year...

What do you take?: whatever i can get my hands on

What do you believe in?: ab-so-lute-ly nuh-thing

When We Were 16

Where were you?: high school

What were you?: an america blue collar worker

What did you wear?: blue collars

What did you listen to?: bruce springsteen

What did you watch?: movies mostly

What did you love?: louise

What did you hate?: another man for going out with louise

What did you drink?: 2 different brands of cider. mixed

What did you smoke?: camel straights

What did you take?: aspirin. in cider

What did you want to be?: a popstar *blush*

Who did you fight?: my own crippling lack of self confidence

Who/What did you believe in?: that i'd meet a confidante

Where did you go?: round the world. twice.

What did you learn?: tragically, that the world was mostly shite.

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