Who Are You?: some call me bedoer.. i like that

Where Are You?: in the kitchen, washing machine is on spin cycle.. mp3s are on random play

What Are You?: foolish, fat, fickle, fanciful, fallible, funny

What do you make?: websites, tea, plans that i dont follow though

What do you love?: music, leaving things to chance, family, friends,laughing,reading, my ex - more so now than at the time :), my intended - who doesnt know it

What do you hate?: being taken advantage of, not doing the right thing

What do you listen to?: mostly mp3s...today: Kate Bush, Sugababes, Unsane, Casper Brotzmann - eclectic is good isnt it??

What do you watch?: man united, bands, telly, vids sometimes

What do you drink?: tea, boiled water, bitter, whiskey, orange juice

What do you smoke?: i dont - i think im asthmatic, but i've not been to a doctor in years, so who knows

What do you take?: thats sounds like a medicinal question... i dont even take aspirin. i do take the piss, even when i shouldnt

What do you believe in?: the power of/need for faith - though i dont possess it myself.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at school.. sixth form.. at my parents home

What were you?: idealistic, inexperienced, isolated - but learning

What did you wear?: awful dress sense :) but i loved my donkey jacket, and mushroom hair which was meant to look like Lou Barlow circa dinosaur jnr - but didnt

What did you listen to?: housemartins, de la soul, stone roses, fugazi, mudhoney, inspiral carpets, neds atomic dustbin indie kid

What did you watch?: Vic Reeves big night out, twin peaks

What did you love?: having a girlfriend at long last, the acceptance of my peers

What did you hate?: probably too self obsessed to hate... though i still hate being noticed

What did you drink?: tea,guiness,vimto

What did you smoke?: nowt - not even draw

What did you take?: maths, further maths, physics, economics, general studies.. was it that important?

What did you want to be?: invisible or cool.

Who did you fight?: i hadnt fought for a couple of years... i accept things too easily / avoid confrontation wherever possible

Who/What did you believe in?: myself.

Where did you go?: the same pub every friday... jilted john and harvester of sorrow on the jukebox...

What did you learn?: that its easier to be likeable then i thought, and fuck fashion

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