Who Are You?: Kieron

Where Are You?: SW18

What Are You?: a solicitor, glamorously enough. the most hated of pen-pushers.

What do you make?: compilation tapes by the barrowload. i also like to daub vaguely antiestablishment symbols in condensation on window panes. occasionally i make my clients happy

What do you love?: walking. london. sea and sky and the city fox. trains, hip-hop, buses, c86, indie, veggie food, world culture. dalliances with hardcore and thrash. bristol rovers. slowly discovering the tangential potential of the underbelly of the internet.

What do you hate?: that there are not enough hours in the day for everything above

What do you listen to?: mid 80s uk indie, early 90s u.s. indie, late 80s to mid 90s hip hop. new wave and punk, huge chunks of subway, sarah, earache, postcard and matinee. the complete works of 555. and, mostly, my friends.

What do you watch?: international films. buses and trains and smoke hanging in the air. bristol rovers.

What do you drink?: lager top. milky tea. guinness, with guilt. fruit juices. milk. oaky californIA merlot. best of all, water.

What do you smoke?: absolutely nothing

What do you take?: absolutely nothing

What do you believe in?: agnostic beauty, iconoclastic identity, loving with a passion that occasionally spills over into pathetic hatred.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: the flatlands of essex.

What were you?: a confused schoolboy

What did you wear?: incredibly long fringe, paisley shirts, you know. no labels.

What did you listen to?: razorcuts, bubblegum splash, the taunts of schoolmates, the low petrol hum of the bus to school. john peel, devoutly.

What did you watch?: match of the day. snub tv. girls, from an embarrassed distance. What did you love?: obssessed with nature and the natural world. lost in a world of the home counties' forests and lakes

What did you hate?: the right. the kids who knew how to act cool. not being one of them.

What did you drink?: coca cola.

What did you smoke?: absolutely nothing.

What did you take?: absolutely nothing.

What did you want to be?: shy retiring indie popster with dull dayjob keeping me in food and clothing.

Who did you fight?: nothing serious. cocooned myself away from those i wanted to hurt.

Who/What did you believe in?: i'm sorry, see above... nothing in my head has really changed since then

Where did you go?: studying and working, via oxford, nottingham, bristol, the city and monte carlo - as ice t says, "it took ten years to get from there to here"...

What did you learn?: "ain't a damn thing changed" - that's ice t again - everything crystallised in my head at 16, only the background changes now.

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