Who Are You?: a fella

Where Are You?: east london, uk

What Are You?: wasteful

What do you make?: nothing of value

What do you love?: the odd incidents in life that prove that hopelessness isn't worth persuing full-time

What do you hate?: nothing really. most things have a worth - even if only to prove their own futility

What do you listen to?: lots of things. today : west ham match commentary, my neighbours being mardy, the cinematic orchestra, plone, autechre, jackdaw with crowbar, squarepusher, the art ensemble of chicago & people talking down the telephone

What do you watch?: what i'm doing

What do you drink?: coffee & beer exclusively

What do you smoke?: roll-ups (drum & golden virginia) & gear

What do you take?: a morning paper & the piss

What do you believe in?: myself & other good people, although i wouldn't necessarily put myself within that grouping

When We Were 16

Where were you?: suburban essex, uk

What were you?: bored, stupid & angry

What did you wear?: whatever was closest to me when i first woke up

What did you listen to?: john peel

What did you watch?: football

What did you love?: absolutely nothing

What did you hate?: everything

What did you drink?: anything which could get me very very drunk

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: small items from local shops

What did you want to be?: happier & wiser

Who did you fight?: parental authority

Who/What did you believe in?: no-one & nothing whatsoever

Where did you go?: the grim north, scenic east anglia, windswept pembrokeshire & abroad as often as possible

What did you learn?: the delicate balance between assertiveness & arrogance, ambition & ability, and the value of self-doubt

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