Who Are You?: daz

Where Are You?: live wollstonecraft, work mcmahons point, sydney

What Are You?: hack artist, hack musician

What do you make?: vaguely interesting music and graphics

What do you love?: belinda, and a steady stream of visual and audio stimulation and inspiration

What do you hate?: unconscious actions, bigotry, addictions

What do you listen to?: mostly non genre specific music and the sound of things rotating

What do you watch?: conspiracy theories and football (soccer to the yanks)

What do you drink?: scotch, red wine, beer (irish preferably), lemon + ginger tea.

What do you smoke?: only second hand

What do you take?: ive tried most things that dont require a needle

What do you believe in?: love, expression.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: freshwater high (northern beaches of sydney)

What were you?: student coming out of a shell

What did you wear?: black

What did you listen to?: heavy metal

What did you watch?: music videos

What did you love?: girls in general.

What did you hate?: non acceptance of differences e.g. headbangers.

What did you drink?: vodka, loads of fanta but not together very often.

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: nutmeg

What did you want to be?: heavy metal accountant

Who did you fight?: clubbies (surf lifesavers) who hated headbangers

Who/What did you believe in?: mostly myself, and eddie (iron maiden's mascot)

Where did you go?: on to star in future school productions such as grease (danny) and midsummer nights dream (bottom), and a short stint in the popular crowd.

What did you learn?: i can live happily with less ego and less hair.

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