Who Are You?: Brian

Where Are You?: work

What Are You?: a freak

What do you make?: spliffs, noise, botty smells, ninja death defying triangles of doom.

What do you love?: me bird, me tunes, me buds

What do you hate?: sales-people, pretentious media students, pop music of any kind, people who consider themselves to be of a higher social order and of greater importance than the next person.

What do you listen to?: everything i hear. well into squarepusher/autechre/boc/plastikman and the likes.

What do you watch?: whatever is in front of me at the time. like to watch fit birds. like to watch funny stuff.

What do you drink?: whatever is on offer, preferably stella artois, irn-bru or tea.

What do you smoke?: reefers at home/outside regals in public places.

What do you take?: my time the piss care not to sneeze while constructing reefers

What do you believe in?: myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school

What were you?: a spotty teenager

What did you wear?: clothes

What did you listen to?: same sort of stuff as I do now

What did you watch?: TV

What did you love?: getting pissed

What did you hate?: rules

What did you drink?: anything going

What did you smoke?: sliffs

What did you take?: care not to let my mum find out when I was naughty

What did you want to be?: old enough to get served in the pub

Who did you fight?: nobody - I have/had enough self discipline and respect not to have to - unless it was in a karate tournament which isn't really fighting.

Who/What did you believe in?: myself

Where did you go?: loads of places

What did you learn?: more than most.

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