Who Are You?: Colin

Where Are You?: San Francisco, before a terminal, in concrete

What Are You?: signer, writer, apocryphyst, forgist, lover of text

What do you make?: text

What do you love?: text

What do you hate?: nothing

What do you listen to?: always: sounds of voices in the faraway rooms. music: indiepop, aislers set, fairways, belle and sebastian, felt, even as we speak, sodastream.

What do you watch?: always: seafoam spitting milk in the still waveforms of a rocky shore movies: fellini, nature documentaries

What do you drink?: apple juice, pilsner urquell, band-aids

What do you smoke?: whatever my friends do.

What do you take?: holidays.

What do you believe in?: text, each other, her, god, us, together, the black water where i cant see, where i can only see what there is.

above all: the future, god, ghosts, death.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: olympia

What were you?: student, kid.

What did you wear?: jeans, shirts, color in my hair.

What did you listen to?: oly indie rock: unwound, godhead silo, mukilteo fairies. oly pop: heavenly (yeah sort of). oly punk: rickets.

What did you watch?: fellini movies. nature documentaries.

What did you love?: the city. the future.

What did you hate?: nothing.

What did you drink?: olympia beer.

What did you smoke?: lucky strike filterless. winston lights.

What did you take?: cough medicine. lsd. marijuana. prescription uppers.

What did you want to be?: a writer. a philosopher. a student.

Who did you fight?: nobody.

Who/What did you believe in?: indie.

Where did you go?: new york city. when i graduated. took a bus. it took 3 days. maybe 4 nights. played chess with my friend zied the whole way. smoked 5 minute cigarettes. came back in smelling like a seniors club. won lots of chess games. played in the streets of new york with chris at 4am. chris was homeless. he beat me once, i took one back from him. did you ever go to new york? yeah. good. eat the indian food.

since then i went to college. then to leeds and london. europe for a holiday. live in california now. new york for a holiday.

What did you learn?: cant fit that in here.

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