Who Are You?: Faithless Drifting, Sweating Blood, Bleeding Iron

Where Are You?: Londinium

What Are You?: Beyond no hope.

What do you make?: Mistakes

What do you love?: Leather Gloves

What do you hate?: Buses

What do you listen to?: Anything but noise. Radiohead, Monteverdi, Ladysmith.

What do you watch?: Clouds

What do you drink?: Water

What do you smoke?: Salmon

What do you take?: My time

What do you believe in?: The Struggle. Are you one of the Destroyers or the Broken? I don't know.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Right Here. Up to my neck in shit, and singing like a maniac.

What were you?: Young.

What did you wear?: Scarves and socks. Sometimes mittens.

What did you listen to?: My own whining.

What did you watch?: The shapes in the clouds, not the clouds themselves.

What did you love?: Too many to list.

What did you hate?: Buses, Parents.

What did you drink?: Turpentine and meths.

What did you smoke?: Whatever would light.

What did you take?: The biscuit

What did you want to be?: Someone else. Bob Dylan.

Who did you fight?: My conscience. My parents.

Who/What did you believe in?: Possibility. John Lennon's voice?

Where did you go?: Backwards, or forwards? They're all the same.

What did you learn?: How to make mistakes. How to put on a condom.

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