Who Are You?: if only i knew.

Where Are You?: in sunny glasgow.

What Are You?: an aberration, a monster.

What do you make?: people unhappy.

What do you love?: my children.

What do you hate?: people with a lack of integrity.

What do you listen to?: the whinging around me.

What do you watch?: people.

What do you drink?: vodka; pink grapefruit.

What do you smoke?: nothing.

What do you take?: the piss. too much.

What do you believe in?: very little. life is futile.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in not-so-sunny plymouth.

What were you?: misguided.

What did you wear?: conformity clothes.

What did you listen to?: my parent(s) rarely; the smiths mostly.

What did you watch?: girls that i never had a hope of going out with.

What did you love?: nothing.

What did you hate?: everything.

What did you drink?: cider.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: things from shops.

What did you want to be?: dead.

Who did you fight?: myself; every day.

Who/What did you believe in?: prescription drugs. as I said - I was misguided.

Where did you go?: to the top of car parks.

What did you learn?: that it wasn't going to get better. ever.

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