Who Are You?: if i knew i would probably not be writing this. i actually do not expect to find out soon either. perhaps in 40 years when iÇm roughly 60-70, iÇll have a clue. iÇll get back to you then.

Where Are You?: at the largest hospital in stockholm, sweden where i happen to be working as... well, they say scientist but i donÇt feel like one.

What Are You?: gosh! itÇs basically the same question over and over again! get a grip! but ok. iÇm tall. others would say childish, sweet, talkative, very logical and sometimes completely irrational.

What do you make?: life worth living would be a nice thing to put here, wouldnÇt you say? well... i sometimes make cd-compilations for my friends with everything from sea urchins-pristince christine to my favorite-badge to human league-empire state human to figurine-millenium song to bad dram fancy dress-curry crazy to futire bibe heroes-love is blue to...

What do you love?: i love the feeling of being loved.

What do you hate?: when people have destructive manners. particularly when it comes to people who canÇt take criticism and start huge fights instead.

What do you listen to?: at the moment iÇm swedens biggest figurine fan. i also listen to some norvegian electronica such as toyen (will probably be released on BBPTC later this year.. maybe) and see the above "what do you make?"

What do you watch?: i actually donÇt watch anything. oddly enough i donÇt miss tv the least. the fact that i donÇt need tv makes me feel satisfied with things.

What do you drink?: well, i prefer a proper gin fizz. otherwise a good whiskey is always nice. but mostly i drink water and orange juice.

What do you smoke?: i have never in my entire life smoked anything. except for "pretend-to-be" cigarettes i made out of branches from the tree behind her house, with a friend of mine at age 5.

What do you take?: how do you mean? "do you take your tea with or without sugar?". no, i think youÇre aiming for something else. iÇm probably the most drug free individual youÇll ever find. (except new borns which havenÇt really had the time to try drugs as yet)

What do you believe in?: nothing. basically. but i have a feeling of certains things. like for some reason i take it for granted that iÇll have luck in most things i do. itÇs been like that so far but perhaps thatÇs due to the fact that iÇm too wrapped up in stuff to see when things go bad.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i was living at the same place as i live now, i.e a suburb of stockholm. i have a fraction of a memory from a beach wearing a curt kobain tee...

What were you?: young and foolish? i guess i still am but i think i was even younger and even more foolish at the time. oh! now i remember! i was also very angry with most things, which iÇm not anymore.

What did you wear?: ugly clothes. if i remember correctly, this was the time of Grunge. (oh! it sounds terrible...)

What did you listen to?: nirvana, stone temple pilots, rage against the machine, but also jesus & mary chain, my bloody valentine, sonic youth, auteurs, posies and such.

What did you watch?: mtvÇs alternative nation. i fell absolutely in love with toby, who was the vj at the time, i used to send him e-mails. he replied once and said something about the fall and mark e smith.

What did you love?: i donÇt remember. probably music.

What did you hate?: most things i guess. myself pretty much i suppose. being lonely. the feeling of not being appreciated i didnÇt like much either.

What did you drink?: cheap low alcohol beer. but mostly syrup and orange juice, and cola.

What did you smoke?: nothing at this point either. iÇm not much for smoking and such.

What did you take?: hm... i probably might have thought about taking one or two things, but i never actually did. iÇm perfectly sure iÇd have chickened out if i would actually have gotten the opportunity.

What did you want to be?: i wanted to be a scientist in medicine, and to work with kids in africa helping them and inventing medicine for them to live.

Who did you fight?: i once kicked the balls of this guy that was bullying me. he had to do surgery on his penis later on. i felt ashamed about that since i was secretly in love with the guy (!!yes! i know, it sounds completely mad, but thatÇs the way i was at the time)

Who/What did you believe in?: maybe i still had some belief in god. this faded away with time though. my mother tried raising me as a catholic but it didnÇt have much of an impact on me, instead i started hating church and dressing all black.

Where did you go?: there was this legendary, now closed, rock joint i stockholm called Studion at the time. they had a angelimit of 18 but for some reason they kept letting me in even though i was only 16. most of the times i was there on my own, since noone i knew liked the bands that i liked. i saw NYC hardcore acts such as neurosis for instance.

What did you learn?: perhaps something. i got my first boyfriend so maybe i learned about sex. it wasnÇt any good sex though, but it has improved dramatically with time. btw. who reads all this? does anyone bother?

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