Who Are You?: there sits a little girl and she cannot handle the paint of this world

Where Are You?: just before the bit where life starts happening to you and you grow up and the little things stop making you smile.

What Are You?: what i am now isnt worth mentioning, but what i am going to be will be equally worthless im sure, although i do not yet know it by name or nature. ask me in another 10 years time and i will reply; "a failure"

What do you make?: A4 sheets of paper folded in half to make A5 and then stapled together and sold; containing randomly ordered words in intricate patterns occasionally disrupted by stolen black and white photographs with enthusiasm spilt all over the top making it messy and of a certain taste to a particular eye.

What do you love?: drumstick lollies in vast quantities, impending sugar rushes, wax crayons, hearts, fake fur, glitter, feathers, sheep, tofu, angels, joan of arc (as in the girl not the band), bryan mills, white roses, orchids, horses and ponies and kittens and foals and the powerpuff girls and magic and stars and the moon and love and aesthetically pleasing images and feelings that make you tingle and emotions that make you a better person.

What do you hate?: lonliness, unrequited love, racism, psychology exams, football/sport, ben sherman, gold cars, superiority, unhappiness, bullying, ignorance, multi nationals and my inability to make the correct decision regading any matter, ever.

What do you listen to?: jack and jacques and jack and jacques and jack and jacques. and then some more....

What do you watch?: in the day the clouds and by night the stars.

What do you drink?: red wine.

What do you smoke?: marlboro lights.

What do you take?: vitamin c.

What do you believe in?: ma rien.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: this awful institution similiar to Hitler Youth where instead of preparing you for war, they prepared you to be nice young ladies...the problem was i was never nice...

What were you?: the sighing girl in the corner trying to make people believe in magic...and failing.

What did you wear?: bottle green.

What did you listen to?: jack and jacques.

What did you watch?: mtv

What did you love?: this boy who ruled my entire universe and every second i existed i existed for him.

What did you hate?: this boy who ruled my universe. i hated him for not letting me rule his.

What did you drink?: alcopops. but in an acceptable somewhat precocious way.

What did you smoke?: marlboro lights.

What did you take?: whatever i was given with a thank you.

What did you want to be?: famous.

Who did you fight?: the world. it was all wrong.

Who/What did you believe in?: magic.

Where did you go?: reality.

What did you learn?: that i am unaware of the neurological/genetic explanatations for depression.

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