Who Are You?: Alex

Where Are You?: hiding in a room in Auckland, New Zealand

What Are You?: an ecstatically aimless 16-yr-old "dropout" at the most inappropriately posh girls school ever

What do you make?: Fanzines that nobody reads, and little men called Eric (out of glue)

What do you love?: The sound of tape hiss and several more pointful and clichéd things, like my cat and perhaps 10% of my friends. (But not even Christmas, especially not that, I don't love anything.)

What do you hate?: Being revealed by not only other people but also Emode to be completely devoid of hate. Hate looks even more fun than caramel really.

What do you listen to?: Augie March, with nowhere near the level of comprehension expected by the Tangents article. And many many other bands. I was once a Krautrock fiend.

What do you watch?: other people getting drunk at parties and searching frantically for an elusive blue triangle.

What do you drink?: Whatever other people will buy for me

What do you smoke?: Nothing

What do you take?: Journalism, History, Spanish, Japanese and German. And those can be seen as drugs in a certain light, especially History, ok?

What do you believe in?: anything i can eat.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Same time, same suburb, same channel

What were you?: in the present tense

What did you wear?: A school uniform and a daft ski hat and an AFL scarf even though I hate sport and am not Australian. I also had a kilt and several flags and Japanese t-shirts...

What did you listen to?: Krautrock, mimsiness, Augie March and their little friends like the Verlaines, too much to list, but I often listened to my friends discussing Britney Spears.

What did you watch?: My friends snogging homeboys

What did you love?: My Walkman

What did you hate?: silence and the many questions it asked and the way it was so often filled with people talking about algebra.

What did you drink?: Today.... green tea and miso soup

What did you smoke?: quite a lot, passively (how ironic)

What did you take?: Same list of drugs and subjects as above... I've only been 16 for a month sorry

What did you want to be?: almost as certain of anything at all as everyone else seemed to be. I was just glad not to be American. I wouldn't have minded being a drummer...

Who did you fight?: I would have fought the Young Liberals In Disguise but I was too busy trying to sell school newspapers to them.

Who/What did you believe in?: Anything George W Bush didn't, and the possibility for some people deep down inside to actually be tolerable.

Where did you go?: School, then home again, then to be the ID-checker for terrible indie bands, then home again, then school.

What did you learn?: Not to discuss existentialism with Spanish teachers, and maybe some education smewhere along the track, I dunno...

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