Who Are You?: danielle digiacomo, 23 years old,

Where Are You?: brooklyn, ny

What Are You?: a wannabe writer-film editor, filled with ennui, prone to self-hatred and doubt, often drunk.

What do you make?: not much. a pretty good salmon dish, mix tapes, a fool of myself when i'm drunk.

What do you love?: my family, my twin sister, my boyfriend andy, red wine, good films (and there's not many), the smiths (including elliott), british post-punk, brilliant comedic details, having drinks after work, riding around rome on a vespa, stories by raymond carver, comics by dan clowes, being from new jersey, orson welles popping out of dark alcoves, a good steak, cheese, APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION, rockumentaries

What do you hate?: being shy and awkward, mixed drinks, tom hanks, conventionally pretty girls, tomatoes, ALLY MCBEAL, insomnia, boston

What do you listen to?: aaaah! the smiths, elliott smith, catpower, the chills, joy division, bruce springsteen, guns n roses, felt, the shins, the kinks, rites of spring, david bowie, t. rex, wire, the white stripes, pj harvey, the rolling stones, the pixies, and lots more

What do you watch?: broad question. documentaries, BUFFY, THE SOPRANOS, ALAN PARTRIDGE, BEHIND THE MUSIC

What do you drink?: red wine, coors light, stella artois

What do you smoke?: camel lights, pot

What do you take?: paxil, the occassional sleeping pill

What do you believe in?: not sure yet. friendship.

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