Who Are You?: Starla. sometimes. sometimes i'm elin - usually when i'm in wales. sometimes i'm kessa - but only on bad days. to Nick, i'm Cariad.

Where Are You?: In my room at dad's at the moment. Half way through captain corelli's mandolin, not in wales, which makes me sad. in my head i'm swimming in the sea with my friends heledd and jackie and then going to band practice with matt and irish jim

What Are You?: a student. i even wear huge flares so that everyone knows. a manics fan - maybe two years ago that would have been my first answer. vegan. a sucker for kindness

What do you make?: mess, my boyfriend irate and then smiley. collages and fairy houses in the wood with Rachel. i make bookshops a lot of money and i make these silly things called "master bags" at work where i stick white labels over old writing and then write new writing on it and put cd's in them (glorified filing)

What do you love?: ooooh, the manics. avocados, belle and sebastian, sunny days on the beach, not sunny days on the beach, beach fire kisses, my band, wales, my friends, my boyfriend, patrick, poems and stories, photographs, hummus, letters and stamps and the post office in general. books, welsh, my university, y cwps yn aberystwyth, brendan and glynis, hmmm, my harp and piano and flute and other instruments. kids, cafes where i can sit and read philospophy all day

What do you hate?: fried bread

What do you listen to?: the manics, belle and sebastian, bob delyn a'r ebillion, classic fm, aaron copland, moldy peaches, all the other cds i have. my best friend, heledd and jackie, irish jim, patrick (when he's around), my mother.

What do you watch?: the sunset, the sea, my boyfriend (he gets annoyed about it), the news, little kids, matt playing guitar, manics videos with nick, i used to watch richey but he ran off with a girl called pixie. he used to play me reggae and feed me bananas

What do you drink?: ribena, guiness, orange juice, water, coffee, tea, pimms and lemonade (but only in the summer)

What do you smoke?: i don't smoke anything.

What do you take?: anti depressants and pills to stop period pains. somteims vitamins and iron. i take high maintenance. i take the train. i take naps and then regret them. i take a long time to write essays, (no, i write them quicly, take a long time to get round to writing them), i take advantages of being a welsh speaker.

What do you believe in?: fate, faith, jesus, nature, neitzche, everything and nothing all at once. i've not read enough to know what i believe yet

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in allestree. in the summer.

What were you?: a girl waiting to turn into something cool. someone on holidays

What did you wear?: ooh, erm. 16. can't think. i think as i was getting into msp, it was combats, manics t shirts, leopard print coat (v groovey. still wear it in fact) eyeliner. doc marten boots

What did you listen to?: the manics. local indie bands.

What did you watch?: my pictures of the manics. hoping they'd take me away to wales..

What did you love?: the manics. very little else. vodka. kids. my best friend rachel. pizza probably. mtv i should think.

What did you hate?: my parents, relationships, divorce, everything. myself, everybody. school - teachers in particular.

What did you drink?: vodka. coffee. cough medicine.

What did you smoke?: i didn't smoke.

What did you take?: paracetemol. sleep. i took lots of sleep

What did you want to be?: a rock star. happy. welsh speaking.

Who did you fight?: my teachers. all of the fuckers. my parents

Who/What did you believe in?: the manics. that's about it

Where did you go?: to bed, the Rock Haus (you can understand what srt of place that was!). sometimes i went to the park. the music department

What did you learn?: a hell of a lot about everything from MSP (great souce of info that band). that things can collapse.

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