Who Are You?: a young girl with a wierd name

Where Are You?: in my apartment

What Are You?: student with niente motivation

What do you make?: i make clothes, i make myself happy sometimes, i make people cry and laugh

What do you love?: my friend hanna!

What do you hate?: the brats in my school

What do you listen to?: hard to explain -strokes

What do you watch?: anything that's on!!cause i'm sick and watching television is all that I do..

What do you drink?: orange juice, and in the weekend with vodka

What do you smoke?: cigarettes

What do you take?: a bow

What do you believe in?: God, the almighty

When We Were 16

Where were you?: stockholm, the same place that i am now...it was only 8 months ago

What were you?: less confident

What did you wear?: jeans and black clothes, flashy belts, tiny earrings

What did you listen to?: like desmond decker, ryan adams, sade, primal scream, supremes, make-up...i don't know

What did you watch?: the lakes, stylissimo

What did you love?: johan

What did you hate?: that I was too stupid to understand he was perfect for me, i just ran away and never saw him again...

What did you drink?: beer and red wine

What did you smoke?: nothing, well probably a couple of cigarettes..

What did you take?: pills for my migraine

What did you want to be?: important, in love and happy

Who did you fight?: my friend hanna!

Who/What did you believe in?: Some kind of God

Where did you go?: indie-clubs drinking loads of ber, poshy clubs with my brat-friends drinking wine

What did you learn?: that life was short and that i was stupid

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