Who Are You?: stephen potter

Where Are You?: birmingham

What Are You?: maleringering doleite dreamer aged 30

What do you make?: music when the technology/inspiration allows,a mess in my flat

What do you love?: beer,beauty wherever i find it

What do you hate?: beer gut

What do you listen to?: sad songs for loneley drunks interspersed with deepfunky stuff for the odd moments i feel like a deepsexyfunkster

What do you watch?: beutifull women passing by my window

What do you drink?: lager that adhers to the "reiheitsgebot" purity law,guiness at pat kavanghs bar,ice cold vodka

What do you smoke?: drum,blue rizlas,superslim filters

What do you take?: the piss outta me mates to replace the fuked up joys of substances health no longer allow me

What do you believe in?: everything,then i question it, and get swayed by the counter argument. until i remember that we are all duplicit beings made of energy an experiencing itself in infinite ways. and that liverpool will win the league next season

When We Were 16

Where were you?: ormskirk,10 miles north of liverpool

What were you?: a wannabe scouser working in a travel agents on the yts and starting to realise that i was being screwed

What did you wear?: addidas samba,pale jeans and white socks,a band t shirt as my attempt at individualism

What did you listen to?: new order,the the

What did you watch?: liverpool fc, snub tv, cheers

What did you love?: katrina sinclair,because she snogged me on a 3rd year field trip to arran, 3 yrs later and i was still besoted

What did you hate?: mancs, it was a few years before the stone roses /mondays thing made us kiss and make up, getting out of bed, hangovers, pulling a whitey infront of me mates and thatcher for dreaming up the yts

What did you drink?: walkers best bitter when me dad was buying, otherwise cider,martini or whatever we could get out of the pub celler we robbed

What did you smoke?: embassy filter, 10's ,nice little fags and only 56p

What did you take?: 16ths of hash offa regie the dealer 7.50 to you son

What did you want to be?: bruce grobbelar, a scouser, the lead singer of new order

Who did you fight?: dyksey, he beat me down the park after i threw a pool ball at him cos me mates said i would beat him, lying bastards knew i 'd get the shit kicked outta me, been running away from fights ever since,

Who/What did you believe in?: that my life would pan out even if i took no active role in it

Where did you go?: cheery tree park to spit while sitting on the bench, the horseshoe pub or the brahms and lizt "fun pub"

What did you learn?: that i hate working in an office, that i had a brain i would start using one day,that you cant make girls love you, that music sounded good on drugs but shit music still sounded shit(pink bloody floyd)

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