Who Are You?: nic

Where Are You?: the beige house with the grey streaks, paddington, queensland, australia

What Are You?: transcending the agraphobia that usually engulfs me when i use these university computer labs

What do you make?: noise, when appropriate

What do you love?: your navigation bar. such sensible use of orange in these otherwise chaotic post-apocalyptic days

What do you hate?: these otherwise chaotic post-apocalyptic days

What do you listen to?: the buzzing hum

What do you watch?: the flickering white

What do you drink?: too much

What do you smoke?: not enough perhaps?

What do you take?: my good fortune...

What do you believe in?: i dont believe in beatles, i just believe in me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: australia's gold coast, suburbia without the urbia

What were you?: evita's brother in the school musical, mummy's boy and funny fat guy

What did you wear?: it was 1996, it was all canterbury and denim (with sneakers, shhh)

What did you listen to?: i honestly cant remember

What did you watch?: those around me, a little to closely

What did you love?: the innocence of (etc etc)

What did you hate?: the imminent dark

What did you drink?: definitely too much (for 16)

What did you smoke?: definitely not enough (for suburbia)

What did you take?: my time

What did you want to be?: elsewhere

Who did you fight?: whoever was listening

Who/What did you believe in?: see above

Where did you go?: not far enough

What did you learn?: its too soon to say

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