Who Are You?:

Where Are You?: In the corner of the office, on my own, 6th floor, Fitzrovia (not NOHO. That's an appalling word), London W1

What Are You?: An office girl in a fashion company by day. DJ and girl about town by night.

What do you make?: Trouble.

What do you love?: Make-up, books, shoes, solitude, gin, smoking, disco music.

What do you hate?: Spending money by accident, Hoxton, Travis, the 'Mambo' label with that stupid picture of a monkey, vulgarity, the banal way television news is reported, people in general. Everything.

What do you listen to?: Disco 7in, 80s pop, King Adora, David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Betty Boo, 60s advert music.

What do you watch?: The traffic and people from my window. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Friends, even though I despise it. The Sopranos. Anything that happens to be on telly when I get home before I've got my energy back. Bad teen movies. Music video compilations that my 2-videod friend makes me.

What do you drink?: Coffee, but I'm trying to give up, fake tea (I don't like real tea), gin & slim, vodka + cranberry, Long Island Ice Tea, any alcopops in a bottle when I'm in danger of having it spilt, anything with alcohol in.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro Red 100s, the most evil cigs on earth. Not so much lately as I can't afford it, I work on the 6th floor so it's a long trek down too. And they have fibreglass in.

What do you take?: 2 sugars. St Johns Wort.

What do you believe in?: Looks.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At home in North Yorkshire

What were you?: A home-educated sociopath.

What did you wear?: Ripped nighties. Leopard print coat. Big shoes. Tiaras. Lots of make-up. Shades. A surly expression.

What did you listen to?: Manics. Almost exclusively. (Secretly I listened to New Pop as well, but that was selling out).

What did you watch?: Music programmes on telly. Anything else on telly. I never left the house.

What did you love?: Manics, make-up, attention.

What did you hate?: People who didn't 'understand'. Successful people. Everyone.

What did you drink?: Martini. Neat vodka (ewww!). Frozen coffee.

What did you smoke?: Lambert&Butler.

What did you take?: Tranquilisers.

What did you want to be?: A writer.

Who did you fight?: My siblings.

Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing.

Where did you go?: To London, shortly after.

What did you learn?: To get over myself. A bit. Not much.

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