Who Are You?: julia, 17 i guess i might call myself a writer but that sounds too old and sensible maybe an artist, certainly a freak or so my sister says and probably coz I want to be.

Where Are You?: tiverton, white spare room with the blind pulled down and the lamp on.

What Are You?: I don't know mainly confused

What do you make?: cake sometimes when I feel like it, stories, drawings, a collage postcard with my cousin

What do you love?: sylvia plath poetry, music that makes you feel happy in your stomach, cranes and building sites,- a lot mostly I love everything I see except bad films

What do you hate?: there is no one I particularly hate except that woman on the aol advert

What do you listen to?: stuff I feel like I've been listening to forever - stuff thats comfortable - belle and sebastian (the old stuff) felt, um stuff that people have never heard of when you tell them

What do you watch?: a lot of tv - the simpsons, films - coen brothers scorsese truffaut

What do you drink?: not much - i had a coke in the pub today!

What do you smoke?: I don't smoke

What do you take?: nothing except inhaler for my asthma

What do you believe in?: not god - i have recently been getting into philosophy. That we just die and thats good enough

When We Were 16

Where were you?: still in school, living here

What were you?: um just maybe a loner

What did you wear?: my big red trousers were the best

What did you listen to?: mostly the same

What did you watch?: not as many films as I do now

What did you love?: benjamin zephania's poems, judy and the dream of horses,

What did you hate?: chart music

What did you drink?: not much interesting

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: days off school watching the snow or sleeping late and watching tv when no one was in the house

What did you want to be?: a writer or maybe an artist

Who did you fight?: I don't think I ever really fought with anyone except maybe my sister but not proper fighting

Who/What did you believe in?: holden caufield, belle and sebastian, jessie, sasha jenson

Where did you go?: to cornwall in the summer, for a walk across town in the heat

What did you learn?: enough to get my gcses but not much important stuff

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