Who Are You?: the last of the klapthor's

Where Are You?: athens, georgia. in my orange living room with three fans on.

What Are You?: a student. a waitress (ugh.) a lover and a fighter. (right now too hot.)

What do you make?: scribblings. snapshots. collages. pictures. much ado about nothing. inappropriate comments.

What do you love?: my friends. going away and coming back tan. shoes. clean sheets. car trips. fresh orange juice. ice cream. learning. creating.

What do you hate?: humid hot summertime. bossy people. know-it-alls. ignorance and intolerance. catty girls. radio music. the indistribution of wealth.

What do you listen to?: right now--My Bloody Valentine. all sorts of music. I love pop. and 80's. T Rex and Beatles.

What do you watch?: movies! all kinds; Hitchcock! John Hughes movies. Rushmore at least once a month. Safemen too. costume dramas. oh, and late night TV when I can't get to sleep.

What do you drink?: juice. coffee. oh, and whiskey sours. yum. and Staropramen tonight.

What do you smoke?: hmmmm. American Spirits and Winston Lights.

What do you take?: vitamins when I remember. and long showers for anything that ails me. and birth control. and allergy medicine. and........

What do you believe in?: that things have a funny way of working themselves out. and I try to remember that when it's tough.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Dayton, Ohio. ug.

What were you?: naive but not stupid. a little bit sad all the time.

What did you wear?: jeans. sweaters. boring, preppy clothes. and always boots.

What did you listen to?: classic rock sometimes. Fleetwood Mac and Led Zepplin. also Pixies, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys. Jesus and Mary Chain. rap. I was all over the place.

What did you watch?: whatever was on TV when I got home from school. 90210. My So Called Life. MTV.

What did you love?: driving in my car to nowhere imparticular. tennis. listening to music loud. parties at people's parents houses when they weren't home. drinking.

What did you hate?: my parents. my school. and all the kids in it.

What did you drink?: bad beer, straight liquor. whatever. wine coolers!

What did you smoke?: Marlboro Lights and pot.

What did you take?: Acid once, and my parents busted me in the middle of it. bad bad bad.

What did you want to be?: a writer.

Who did you fight?: my mom, everyday.

Who/What did you believe in?: That when I left, it would be a whole new world. I looked forward to it daily.

Where did you go?: to Yellow Springs, Ohio, a village nearby where Antioch College is. To drive around, go to the forest there and smoke pot. to concerts.

What did you learn?: patience.

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