Who Are You?: Tommy Gunnarsson

Where Are You?: Sitting at an office in Halmstad, Sweden making ads for a Swedish magazine.

What Are You?: Well, I make ads. So, some sort of graphic designer, I guess.

What do you make?: Ads. And a lot of noise sometimes when I try to play the guitar or bass.

What do you love?: My girlfriend and good music.

What do you hate?: The Prodigy and other crap music, very warm temperatures (in the summertime) etc.

What do you listen to?: Indiepop mostly. Favourite bands are McCarthy, The Smiths, The Tables, The Lucksmiths, Hefner, The Clientele... the list can be as long as a Gary Moore guitarsolo.

What do you watch?: The Simpsons, Drew Carey Show, South Park, various highschool series.

What do you drink?: Mostly water, Coca-Cola, Fanta and milk. I don't drink anything that as alcohol in it or coffee.

What do you smoke?: Nothing.

What do you take?: Nothing. Zantac sometimes, though.

What do you believe in?: "There's strength in diversity, and that's what makes us strive."

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In school, studying TV-production at Sturegymnasiet in Halmstad.

What were you?: A student. Lonely.

What did you wear?: I have never had a specific style of clothing.

What did you listen to?: Mainly britpop, f.e. Blur and Suede, and also REM.

What did you watch?: I can't quite remember. But probably some Swedish soaps.

What did you love?: My record collection.

What did you hate?: The same as I do now.

What did you drink?: The same as I do now.

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: Nothing.

What did you want to be?: Probably something that had to do with media.

Who did you fight?: Nobody that I can remember.

Who/What did you believe in?: No-one and nothing.

Where did you go?: To school and to the record store.

What did you learn?: The things they teach you in school and also a lot about popmusic.

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