Who Are You?: a girl wanting a boyfriend

Where Are You?: in my brother's room in front of a computer

What Are You?: student with writer-amibitions!

What do you make?: poems, short stories. almanacs.

What do you love?: drinking and writing. kissing.

What do you hate?: people who gets in the way!

What do you listen to?: right now: a camp with song for the leftovers. more: lucinda williams, ryan adams,aimee mann. a camp, strokes, aretha franklin, avalanches. lucy pearl. whiskeytown.

What do you watch?: movies i borrow from my rich friend. friends, dawson's creek, freaks and geeks,the love boat. top of the pops. whatevers on really.

What do you drink?: white wine, lots a liquer

What do you smoke?: cigarettts(light)

What do you take?: i take chances and i dont

What do you believe in?: the almighty god. in my heart and mind, in every part of me.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: same place that i am now, sthlm sweden

What were you?: lost

What did you wear?: hip clothes, ordinary stuff.

What did you listen to?: music that made me cry

What did you watch?: soapoperas,

What did you love?: being with my friends

What did you hate?: false people

What did you drink?: cider

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: advice

What did you want to be?: a writer and an artist

Who did you fight?: no-one, i was to weak

Who/What did you believe in?: i believed a bit in god but i wasnt sure, he was all too far away back then...

Where did you go?: cafés

What did you learn?: a lot, and not much.

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