Who Are You?: I could be anyone. I could be someone. I was non-exsistant to you up until a few seconds ago. I am "me", whoever that is. Besides, "what's in a name?"

Where Are You?: I Im sitting at a computer desk in London, and now you've got me wondering where I really am, and where Im going. Wherever I am right now, I hope it's just transitional....

What Are You?: I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, a lover, a student, an employee, a statistic, a face in the crowd. I am good at all of these. Especially the last two.

What do you make?: I make: noise, I make people confused, I make up my own mind, I make love, I make the world go round!!

What do you love?: I love feeling wanted. I love conversations that make me tingle. I love listening to music in the rain. I love a good book, or a good movie that makes me think. I love walking in freshly fallen snow. I love sunsets and sunrises. I love stars and the midnightish feeling I get at this time of year (autumn, winter). I love acting. I love music. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my boyfriend, I love my dogs.

What do you hate?: I hate being made to feel small. I hate smelly public transport. I hate people who dont appriciate beautiful things. I hate politics. I hate fingernails. I hate the sea (as beautiful as it is, it scares the crap out of me...) I hate being hated, and I hate hating.

What do you listen to?: Music mostly. But sometimes, I listen to the rain on the window, or thunder outside. I listen to my neighbours fighting. I listen to my walkman. I listen to varying genres of music; ranging from roughly 1960 to present day.

What do you watch?: I watch movies. I watch the world go by. I watch people behaving and interacting in differant ways. I watch television. I watch fish swim hypnotically round and round.

What do you drink?: Coffee mostly.

What do you smoke?: Nothing. No, thats a lie. Im not sure. I never used to smoke atall. Then I smoked cannabis, but not ciggerettes. Then I smoked both, now I kind of drift from one to the other. They are both terrible habits though.

What do you take?: Somthing I dont take, is my time. I rush too much. Im always late, I take the piss.

What do you believe in?: I believe that ignorance is bliss. I believe that as long as I choose not to be ignorant, life will hurt. I believe that this is why life sucks.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Here.

What were you?: A lonely, depressed little dope fiend trying desperatly to get through her GCSE's without breaking down.

What did you wear?: 60's retro Indy stylee.

What did you listen to?: I listened to no-one, especially not my parents.

What did you watch?: Everybody else suceeding.

What did you love?: Cannabis. Escapism. Im surprised I never got into harder drugs.

What did you hate?: Myself. Everyone and everything.

What did you drink?: Anything I could get my hands on. Mostly vodka.

What did you smoke?: Blunts, Spliffs, Doobies, J's, Joints, Spliffage, Zooker, Lush, Ganj, Green, Hash, Pot.... call it what u want.

What did you take?: As usual, the piss.

What did you want to be?: Back with my boyfriend, sadly enough. (Three years is a long time for a 16 year old)

Who did you fight?: Authorities, my friends, my family. You name it. I hated them all.

Who/What did you believe in?: That the world sucked and that everyone hated me.

Where did you go?: The dump. Literally. I sat at the local tipping yard and got shit faced every weekend.

What did you learn?: I learnt that you shouldnt do drugs, that you shouldnt do everything when youre young because when you get older, it's all been done. I learnt that friends should be relished. I should have learnt not to let people fuck me around. What can I say though? Thats a hard lesson to learn.

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