Who Are You?: an artist

Where Are You?: downtown los angeles.

What Are You?: a 43.75 year old human of the male species.

What do you make?: photographic art, really!

What do you love?: my female lady of the opposite species.

What do you hate?: paying rent.

What do you listen to?: musically, progressive rock like Ozric Tentacles, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and Porcupine Tree. Also jazz mainly on the radio.

What do you watch?: Frontline, Seinfeld, videos of the Sopranos.

What do you drink?: water, espresso, Youngs Luxury Double Chocolate stout.

What do you smoke?: nothing. I burn incence though!

What do you take?: cerified checks

What do you believe in?: my cat when she tells me she wants some fresh grub, or that there's a creature under the floor or when she says she wants to ride around on my shoulders.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: kentucky

What were you?: a stoned, bodybuilding, backpacking, spelunker

What did you wear?: frayed blue jeans, army pants, flannel shirts

What did you listen to?: Rock

What did you watch?: I Claudius on PBS

What did you love?: my female of the opposite species

What did you hate?: cops

What did you drink?: can't remember!

What did you smoke?: herbs

What did you take?: photos

What did you want to be?: unknown

Who did you fight?: my pal and sparring partner the Great Kimballi

Who/What did you believe in?: my gal, my pals

Where did you go?: underground, shawnee national forest

What did you learn?: that adventuring is fun and exciting!

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