Who Are You?: Rachel London

Where Are You?: a flat overlooking Saturday night London

What Are You?: a part-time popstar

What do you make?: a mess

What do you love?: not being 16 anymore

What do you hate?: going out and everybody looking the same London's collapsing public transport system

What do you listen to?: presently, the mabels

What do you watch?: tonight i flicked between 'who wants to be a millionaire' and 'the Channel 4 political awards'. neither of them was as good as 'Buffy', but the BBC prefers to show the snooker.

What do you drink?: whatever anyone will give me

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: a long time to get ready

What do you believe in?: that things can only get better

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Doncaster

What were you?: A schoolie

What did you wear?: Black and black

What did you listen to?: The Smiths, the Cure, the Stone Roses and, erm, Deacon Blue (first gig)

What did you watch?: Transmission

What did you love?: Robert Smith's lipstick

What did you hate?: The people at school in the long beige coats

What did you drink?: cider, of course. there were no alcopops in them days

What did you smoke?: other people's cigarettes

What did you take?: the piss

What did you want to be?: a student

Who did you fight?: anyone who was hard enough

Who/What did you believe in?: the word of Morrissey

Where did you go?: Down the Miner's Welfare in Warmsworth

What did you learn?: Not to go down the Miner's Welfare in Warmsworth

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