Who Are You?: Lou

Where Are You?: In Norwich

What Are You?: An office temp, Open University student and music-maker

What do you make?: Music...words, sounds, noise

What do you love?: Music obviously, life, love, positive spirit, good people and good times

What do you hate?: Opposites of all the above

What do you listen to?: The Associates / Billy MacKenzie, New Order, Cocteau Twins, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Sparks, Talking Heads, Eurythmics, Blondie, Smiths, Radiohead, REM....

What do you watch?: People

What do you drink?: Most things

What do you smoke?: I don't

What do you take?: Medication as prescribed..

What do you believe in?: Life, love, spirit and magic

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a small village outside Norwich

What were you?: A school student recovering from a breakdown and doing GCSEs

What did you wear?: Patchwork dresses, denim and Suede t-shirts

What did you listen to?: Juliana Hatfield, Suede, Crowded House, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, My Life Story, REM, Gene, the Smiths...

What did you watch?: Too much Eastenders

What did you love?: Home

What did you hate?: School and most of the people in it, bullying.

What did you drink?: A lot of fruit juice

What did you smoke?: Didn't

What did you take?: Assorted anti-depressants

What did you want to be?: A singer. Happy.

Who did you fight?: Most people at school

Who/What did you believe in?: Not much.

Where did you go?: To college and a better place in general

What did you learn?: Not to try and be something you're not, and never to believe what idiots tell you about yourself: That maybe the greatest human weakness is the need of some people to belittle others to make themselves feel better.

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