Who Are You?: Jim

Where Are You?: Brighton

What Are You?: A producer. A dad. A husband. 1 stone overweight.

What do you make?: Websites.

What do you love?: My family. My records. My stuff.

What do you hate?: Eggs.

What do you listen to?: northern soul, beatles, football on 5 live, the zombies, dion, billy fury, beach boys, kylie, field mice, go betweens, jimmy cliff, scott walker, pulp, radio 4 all night long when I can't sleep.

What do you watch?: eastenders, coronation street, boomerang, cbeebies..

What do you drink?: v.strong espressos, lattes (but i'm not allowed now cos I it might be causing my anxiety attacks.) kronenbourg, scrumpy jack, apple juice, tea, hot chocolate.

What do you smoke?: don't.

What do you take?: nothing any more.

What do you believe in?: nothing

When We Were 16

Where were you?: brighton

What were you?: doing my a levels.

What did you wear?: oh god.

What did you listen to?: the smiths, cocteau twins, billy bragg, jesus and mary chain.

What did you watch?: the prisoner on channel 4, eastenders.

What did you love?: nme.

What did you hate?: my family.

What did you drink?: tea.

What did you smoke?: didn't

What did you take?: not yet.

What did you want to be?: a journalist.

Who did you fight?: my mum

Who/What did you believe in?: socialism

Where did you go?: the pub, pizza express, the odeon, the arcade, the goldstone ground..

What did you learn?: don't fall in love with girls who live with their boyfriends. Don't have friends who like the sisters of mercy.

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