Who Are You?: No one else but me.

Where Are You?: At work

What Are You?: Male Humanoid

What do you make?: Sweet love to my woman

What do you love?: My woman

What do you hate?: Not much really

What do you listen to?: Whatever I put on my stereo

What do you watch?: Other people

What do you drink?: Coffee, Tea, Water, Wine, Guinness, Whisky

What do you smoke?: Golden Virginia rolling tobacco & the occasional Cannabis resin-enhanced version.

What do you take?: As much out of life as possible

What do you believe in?: Myself. God.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Glasgow, Scotland

What were you?: Younger

What did you wear?: Long hair & Iron Maiden T-shirt

What did you listen to?: Iron Maiden, Metallica

What did you watch?: Monty Python

What did you love?: Music

What did you hate?: Muzak

What did you drink?: Tea

What did you smoke?: Benson & Hedges

What did you take?: A seat

What did you want to be?: In a band

Who did you fight?: My parents

Who/What did you believe in?: God.

Where did you go?: Out

What did you learn?: How not to chat up girls

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