Who Are You?: jonathan.

Where Are You?: leicester england uni hell

What Are You?: student, writer, bassist(musician?), jaded.

What do you make?: music, love, journalism, a mess of things.

What do you love?: music, film, reading, coffee, milkshake, writing, the sea.

What do you hate?: isms.

What do you listen to?: new: rival schools, mercury rev, daniel johnston, ryan adams, jimmy eat world, incubus, eels, hundred reasons, foo fighters, beck,system of a down. old: nirvana, sonic youth, fugazi, husker du, dylan, both buckleys, mark lanegan, kyuss, pavement, mudhoney, dinosaur jr, sebadoh, lemonheads, zepplin, doors, beatles, beach boys, oh and queen!

What do you watch?: everything and say nothing.

What do you drink?: white russians

What do you smoke?: weed

What do you take?: exams, crap.

What do you believe in?: all my heros died.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: guernsey

What were you?: student, asshole, grunge kid.

What did you wear?: school uniform, old t shirts with obscure bands. jeans, converse 1stars. brown 3/4 leather jacket

What did you listen to?: nirvana. sub pops roster, pavement, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, alice in chains, sonic youth, hole, neil young, green day, wildhearts.

What did you watch?: t.v.

What did you love?: music, swimming, the sea, running.

What did you hate?: the principal.

What did you drink?: generic lager, cider, jack daniels, southern comfort, whatever we could steal.

What did you smoke?: malboro red.

What did you take?: everything i had the chance to.

What did you want to be?: on tour.

Who did you fight?: anyone who`d fight back.

Who/What did you believe in?: music, music, music.... my parents, the ability to change anything and the all consuming sense that everything could be ok.

Where did you go?: the beach. the us, europe, the uk, ireland, my room.

What did you learn?: french and spanish. guitar and that no matter what you do its only you in looking back from that mirror.

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