Who Are You?: Andrew Hunt,Geographically grounded, but otherwise lost

Where Are You?: in my flat pondering what to do

What Are You?: confused, drifting mentally, undecided which thread to follow in life

What do you make?: no sense whatsoever

What do you love?: being lost, and in awe of chaos family & friends

What do you hate?: straight lines that cut through reality

What do you listen to?: background noises, they build the best tunes

What do you watch?: everything, sometimes at the expense of clear vision

What do you drink?: water, Lemon Juice, vast quantities of tea

What do you smoke?: Cigarretes, cannabis, & eels

What do you take?: whatever I need

What do you believe in?: threads

When We Were 16

Where were you?: walking thru the city

What were you?: alone, receptive, in awe

What did you wear?: khaki combat gear, and big boots

What did you listen to?: Talking heads

What did you watch?: everything,

What did you love?: nothing

What did you hate?: everything

What did you drink?: cider & cheap strong lager

What did you smoke?: cheap cigarettes

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: Found

Who did you fight?: No-one, and no-thing

Who/What did you believe in?: everything briefly

Where did you go?: just about everywhere in London, by foot

What did you learn?: I still not certain

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