Who Are You?: Garry

Where Are You?: in the studio of a cheesy London radio station pressing big coloured buttons

What Are You?: a bit tired because its 3 in the morning and I'd rather be in bed. I should also be writing an essay but I'm a little lacking in motivation

What do you make?: at the moment music for housewives (at 3 in the morning?), but also essays and radio documentaries

What do you love?: unfortunately no person at the moment, but I love my dog

What do you hate?: hate is so negative, but if pushed I'd say the boyfriends of girls I like.

What do you listen to?: At the moment Sophie Ellis Bextor, but I'd rather be listening to Nick Drake, the Clash, Love and Blur, Joy Division

What do you watch?: the sun coming up in the morning on my way home ;-) films with twists

What do you drink?: mine's a jack daniels and coke, if you're buying

What do you smoke?: nothing normally

What do you take?: not us much as i'd like. it's a bit limited to pro plus at the moment

What do you believe in?: that you should try and get what's right for you, but combine that with keeping an eye out for others

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a shitty small town in Oxfordshire

What were you?: incredibly bored and lonely

What did you wear?: jeans, t-shirts. nothing particularly astonishing

What did you listen to?: oasis, blur, the manics

What did you watch?: music programmes

What did you love?: music, playing guitar

What did you hate?: everyone else

What did you drink?: anything that i could get my hands on. but there was a lot of vodka

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: still nothing

What did you want to be?: a rock star

Who did you fight?: jonathon pierce, cos he was an absolute twat

Who/What did you believe in?: Marx; that there was something beyond small town life

Where did you go?: oxford, to go and see bands

What did you learn?: that most of what they teach you in school, but if you play ball you save up certain advantages for later life in which you can do your own thing

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