Who Are You?: Paul Research aka SuperMaki

Where Are You?: London - the office

What Are You?: musical technologist

What do you make?: music, children, progress

What do you love?: Miho, Kai, Shona

What do you hate?: lazy fakers

What do you listen to?: my own stuff, talvin singh, punk, yes

What do you watch?: er, teachers

What do you drink?: stella, gin&tonic, red wine

What do you smoke?: nothing since 1992

What do you take?: rennies, nurofen

What do you believe in?: the power of persistence

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school

What were you?: budding pop star

What did you wear?: flares, platforms

What did you listen to?: sensational alex harvey band, bowie, yes

What did you watch?: girls

What did you love?: rock & roll

What did you hate?: obscurity

What did you drink?: coke

What did you smoke?: embassy regal

What did you take?: everything personally

What did you want to be?: massive

Who did you fight?: stupid people (secretly)

Who/What did you believe in?: blinding white lights and deafening guitars

Where did you go?: smoking fags in the garage

What did you learn?: smoking is bad for you

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