Who Are You?: Cathy

Where Are You?: Rugby, home of the sport, the school and Spiritualised. I've lived here since I was 3.

What Are You?: Sixteen. Happy.

What do you make?: tapes and mistakes

What do you love?: music, my friends, England, clothes, books (at the moment especially Billy Liar, Goodbye to Berlin, The Counterfeiters, The Buddha of Suburbia and The Graduate), springtime, a million other things.

What do you hate?: Doing things I don't want to do and waiting for things I do.

What do you listen to?: Electroclash, Kylie, Missy Elliot, synth-pop, chart-pop, Destiny's Child, Pulp, Donna Summer, Pet Shop Boys, Momus, Daft Punk, Air, Mis-teeq, the radio, the Smiths...I'm always listening to music.

What do you watch?: I probably spend 10 or more hours a week watching either computer or television screens. Yesterday I watched a program about Stephen Fry and some bears in Peru.

What do you drink?: I'm not much of a drinker. When I go out I usually drink spirits, rarely alcopops and never lager.

What do you smoke?: I hardly ever smoke.

What do you take?: photographs and buses. I've never taken drugs.

What do you believe in?: My political beliefs are vaguely centre-left (I will probably vote LibDem next election), but I change my mind about things alot. I switch sides on the Euro debate all the time. I don't have many religious beliefs...I often hear people say they don't know whether there's a God, but they're sure there's Something. That's how I feel.

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