Who Are You?: a girl

Where Are You?: NY State, USA

What Are You?: sick of being so angry it makes me sick

What do you make?: beautiful music http://www.mp3.com/HatTrickHero I don't care if anyone else has the same fockin band name

What do you love?: my dog, my guitar, my knife, my rack

What do you hate?: pathological liars

What do you listen to?: pilot to gunner, the monorchid, hot snakes, bis, ink and dagger, cave in, bluetip, aloha, ted leo, destiny's child, dillinger escape plan, refused, disembodied, the rah bras, dismemberment plan, etc

What do you watch?: the simpsons, buffy the vampire slayer, anything i am exposed to. foreign television is also good

What do you drink?: anything but milk, kefir, or meat juice

What do you smoke?: trees, cloves, but both of these things rarely

What do you take?: classes, at school

What do you believe in?: myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a really bad state of mind

What were you?: a submissive stupid near-alcoholic girl

What did you wear?: clothes, sometimes

What did you listen to?: depressing bad music

What did you watch?: dont remember

What did you love?: my dog

What did you hate?: my boyfriend

What did you drink?: anything hard

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: stuff

What did you want to be?: A better person

Who did you fight?: proper grammar: "whom did you fight"
i fought myself

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing. unfortunately

Where did you go?: depressing places

What did you learn?: that i am much better than that

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