Who Are You?: Geno, for most purposes any name starting with G will do

Where Are You?: Pennsylvania, currently behind a desk in an office. Occasionally at friends' houses or local clubs & theaters.

What Are You?: 22 years old, male, a bad writer, a so-so musician, a decent cook and a fairly good theater worker

What do you make?: Music, friends (I mean real friends, not just people to hang out with - very rare)

What do you love?: Good music, good friends, good food, good books, good conversation (in no particular order)

What do you hate?: My job, arguing, excessively negative people

What do you listen to?: Almost any music I can find (currently Miles Davis's "Complete Silent Way," a late xmas gift), people, stories, discussions, my own thoughts, occasionally silence

What do you watch?: People, plays, concerts, an occasional movie.

What do you drink?: Coke, water, coffee, sometimes odd fruity alcomaholic drinks

What do you smoke?: Nothing

What do you believe in?: Love, nature, the human ability to somehow handle just about anything

When We Were 16

Where were you?: High school

What were you?: Frustrated, lonely & depressed

What did you wear?: Tie & jacket while in school, jeans & anything comfortable otherwise

What did you listen to?: Rolling Stones, Led Zep, REM, Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, BB King, Zappa

What did you watch?: Some good movies, some really bad movies, "Picket Fences" while it was on

What did you love?: Good music, good friends, good books, good food, good conversation (in no particular order)

What did you hate?: Classes, teachers, myself

What did you drink?: Water, Coke, coffee

What did you smoke?: Nothing

What did you take?: Too many pointless classes

What did you want to be?: Out of high school

Who did you fight?: My parents

Who/What did you believe in?: Next to nothing

Where did you go?: Germany, Philadelphia (short trips)

What did you learn?: At the time, too busy already knowing everything to learn something

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