Who Are You?: this is me

Where Are You?: inside a winter garden

What Are You?: a boy

What do you make?: noises, drawings, songs

What do you love?: girl

What do you hate?: unfair

What do you listen to?: music, trains

What do you watch?: cartoons, stars, futbol, felines

What do you drink?: water, juice, chocolate milk

What do you smoke?: occasional narcotics

What do you take?: buses and trains

What do you believe in?: tomatoes and my brother

When We Were 16

Where were you?: school

What were you?: a silent boy

What did you wear?: the same shoes everyday

What did you listen to?: hometown bands

What did you watch?: cartoons

What did you love?: someone

What did you hate?: school and almost everyone involved

What did you drink?: chocolate milk, coca cola, juice

What did you smoke?: occasional narcotics

What did you take?: wrong desitions

What did you want to be?: musician

Who did you fight?: school

Who/What did you believe in?: someone, music, dreams

Where did you go?: too far in dream

What did you learn?: wanting it to happen wont make it happen

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