Who Are You?: shaz

Where Are You?: urban hell

What Are You?: a kitty cat!

What do you make?: believe

What do you love?: early mornings and beautiful people

What do you hate?: school

What do you listen to?: the sounds in spaces

What do you watch?: the wheels go round and round

What do you drink?: copious amounts of green tea

What do you smoke?: more cigarettes than i can afford

What do you take?: what i want

What do you believe in?: beauty

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in school

What were you?: a victim of 20th century culture

What did you wear?: long black skirts and boots

What did you listen to?: manic street preachers

What did you watch?: the world

What did you love?: a girl and a friend

What did you hate?: almost everything else

What did you drink?: all the alcohol i could afford

What did you smoke?: more cigarettes than i could afford

What did you take?: what i couldn't have

What did you want to be?: an artist

Who did you fight?: authority, myself

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing

Where did you go?: where i wanted to

What did you learn?: self-obsession and leaving it behind

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