Who Are You?: eric. scott. gregory.

Where Are You?: at work...that portion of the day's almost done.

What Are You?: half-alive, half-stalled, i suppose... like all of us.

What do you make?: me.

What do you love?: peyton, mickey, lenny, esprit, petra...so many things, so many creatures...

What do you hate?: the rut i've got myself in to...but if it's not too obvious (which it is), i hate the structure which forces us all to wallow in more misery than is necessary.

What do you listen to?: right now...dexy's 1st. but also today, the pogues, subway sect, jesus & mary chain, that petrol emotion...

What do you watch?: world wrestling federation

What do you drink?: bourbon, rocks

What do you smoke?: marijuana

What do you take?: pills (zanax), cocaine, meth, shit.

What do you believe in?: anything that propels me to the next one.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: somewhere on the outskirts of rochester, ny in high school

What were you?: exploding with hope

What did you wear?: ll bean stuff...khakis, t-shirts, sneakers.

What did you listen to?: pistols, rockpile, lou reed, dylan, ramones, clash

What did you watch?: hill street blues

What did you love?: the fact that someday i might love

What did you hate?: my dad, the teachers at school, the meathead football players

What did you drink?: beer, whatever

What did you smoke?: nada, tho grass was right around the corner

What did you take?: pills

What did you want to be?: a great writer

Who did you fight?: my own fears

Who/What did you believe in?: dostoevsky

Where did you go?: bad parties, the mall, school sporting events

What did you learn?: to leave

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