Who Are You?: Danielle

Where Are You?: Florida

What Are You?: Madpercolator, a girl, a little crazy

What do you make?: websites, messes, writings, a fool of myself

What do you love?: people, interaction, orange tic tacs, my doggie, information

What do you hate?: ignorance, my current job, how Florida's becoming...

What do you listen to?: music (techno or classical preferred), my mother (yelling), my dog (barking), my boss (bitching), the birds outside my window (pecking), the radio in the car

What do you watch?: HBO (Six Feet Under), Boston Public, the News... movies on premuim channels after hours (heh)

What do you drink?: Coke ( a LOT of Coke), water, Miller Genuine Draft, Amaretto Sour, Materva

What do you smoke?: herb. occasionally, Parliament lights

What do you take?: shit from my boss at work.

What do you believe in?: the human spirit and will to innovate and adapt

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in Florida

What were you?: fat. lazy. more of a writer than now.

What did you wear?: Old Navy big BIG shirts to cover for fatness, and jean shorts.

What did you listen to?: "alternative"

What did you watch?: Friends... Third Rock from the Sun...

What did you love?: writing. a certain boy unnamed...

What did you hate?: substance abuse, injustice

What did you drink?: water, COKE... no booze.

What did you smoke?: nothing except the occassional Winston (eew)

What did you take?: nothing.

What did you want to be?: famous musician/writer/director/actress... Anne Bancroft... Natalie Merchant...

Who did you fight?: nobody except pompous Mike (Paco)...

Who/What did you believe in?: myself, the power to self-invent, Tao.

Where did you go?: Disney World. To the beach with friends...

What did you learn?: not to play tennis (broke ankle), not to meddle (but didn't stop until 3 yrs later, really....

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