Who Are You?: Peter Sinfield

Where Are You?: SongSoupOnSea, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. UK

What Are You?: Lyricist, record producer, catalyst, cook, herbalist and thorn in bottom.

What do you make?: Not as much difference as I once thought I would.

What do you love?: Shaking,stirring,salting and watching the metamorphosis of ingredients.

What do you hate?: Nearly all politicians. This, some might say, is somewhat ironic.

What do you listen to?: Music that I am quite unable or have no immediate desire to dissect. Waves on the beach, a frozen wind howling and my very best friends.

What do you watch?: Too much rolling 'News' trying to spot what is NOT being said. Old 'Mash'. The imported flowers fading in a vase by the side of my bath tub. Others.

What do you drink?: Becks beer, J&B + water, Red Zinger, organic green tea & red Rioja wine.

What do you smoke?: American Marlboros provided by a friend, Gitanes Filtre or nothing. (Only after18.00 hours . . .!)

What do you take?: The best of what I am very familar with; animal, vegetable or mineral.

What do you believe in?: If walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs. It is well. . . a duck. K. Gibran was right when he said,"your children are not your children."etc. Ninety per cent of everything is rubbish. Its laughter not love that makes the world go round. B. Shaw was more than half right when he said that "music is the brandy of the damned..." It is nearly always worth paying the price for 'real food/life' when its real producer thinks it is justified.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: About to leave school in Bracknell and 'make my way in the world.'

What were you?: A very unusual mix of wise and naive but far too excited to notice.

What did you wear?: I forget... but the words raylon and nylon come to mind.

What did you listen to?: Buddy Holly, The Everly Bros, The MJQ, Oscar Petersen, and a lot of trash.

What did you watch?: My step.

What did you love?: Being alive, feeling close to 'grown up' and most all an illusion of free....

What did you hate?: Being very shy.

What did you drink?: Very bad warm fizzy English 'Beer' and very bad frothy coffee.

What did you smoke?: Diesel fumes.

What did you take?: Nothing until I was 18 + when I swallowed eek, my first 'purple heart.'

What did you want to be?: I wanted to be me, but in reality, and metaphoricaly ....'taller'.

Who did you fight?: Nobody. (You must be joking - see above re 'taller')

Who/What did you believe in?: Initialy at 16+ Mad Magazine & SF. writers like Clarke, Heinlein and er, I guess later Tolkien & Watts. Like most 'mods', the latest hip, cool book.

Where did you go?: South West England, France, Spain, Morrocco...And a lot of parties all over London. Which believe me, on a Saturday, was a fast curving all over.

What did you learn?: That, as had always been the way, I still didn't quite fit anywhere and as I can see now, that may be reason, I got on well with my jewish friends who seemed to me to be often funnier, sharper and sexier than the norm.

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