Who Are You?: emily j ryan

Where Are You?: seattle WA via los angeles CA

What Are You?: illustrator, 23-year-old girl

What do you make?: drawings; 200 word stories

What do you love?: left-handed people and boys who wear black socks

What do you hate?: worrying about money

What do you listen to?: takako minekawa

What do you watch?: bali-wood movies, river phoenix movies

What do you drink?: scotch and bitters

What do you smoke?: old gold cigarettes

What do you take?: the bus everyday

What do you believe in?: the details

When We Were 16

Where were you?: irvine ca, writing letters to alistair fitchett in the UK

What were you?: high-school student, writer, mini-punk

What did you wear?: black tights, denim cutoffs, striped shirt and converse

What did you listen to?: american indie-rock, shop assistants, dolly mixture

What did you watch?: all french new-wave

What did you love?: other people

What did you hate?: my parents

What did you drink?: lime cordial

What did you smoke?: nothing maybe a clove

What did you take?: drugstore make-up

What did you want to be?: writer and traveller

Who did you fight?: strangers

Who/What did you believe in?: god

Where did you go?: slumber party across the country

What did you learn?: i had all the energy in the world and sleepless nights for years

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