Who Are You?: late twenties washed up "f" list celebrity

Where Are You?: Cardiff - evolving

What Are You?: top of the food chain

What do you make?: music noone will ever hear

What do you love?: dogs , money

What do you hate?: britain

What do you listen to?: elliot smiths good isnt he. john zorn makes me laugh

What do you watch?: the clock and my expanding waistline

What do you drink?: wine - grapefruit juice - water

What do you smoke?: commercial grade hashish and golden virginia

What do you take?: the odd pill just to feel dangerous

What do you believe in?: that man created god in his own image

When We Were 16

Where were you?: church

What were you?: a christian by proxy

What did you wear?: m&S cardigans with my heart stitched to the sleeve

What did you listen to?: RUSH , prog , awful jazz-funk

What did you watch?: moonlighting

What did you love?: the world

What did you hate?: bros or something

What did you drink?: coca cola

What did you smoke?: nowt

What did you take?: spiritual advice from people who dont know jack

What did you want to be?: my father

Who did you fight?: imaginary people

Who/What did you believe in?: the big I AM

Where did you go?: down the drainpipe to meet my mates and get pissed whilst my parents were asleep

What did you learn?: that its a hard road to believe in nothing

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