Who Are You?: west(stabug@cox.net)

Where Are You?: newport beach, ca

What Are You?: a musician, a boy.

What do you make?: music, urine

What do you love?: love thats fantasy, you know, the kind that can on on for years in your head.

What do you hate?: change and people who ignore it.

What do you listen to?: bjork mostly, alot of dramatic music.

What do you watch?: cartoons.

What do you drink?: jello shots if anything.

What do you smoke?: marijuana

What do you take?: small things from department stores. for the thrill.

What do you believe in?: :\ nothing.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: sacramento, ca

What were you?: heterosexual

What did you wear?: boring clothes.

What did you listen to?: the radio.

What did you watch?: cartoons.

What did you love?: myself.

What did you hate?: my parents.

What did you drink?: water.

What did you smoke?: nothing. go me!

What did you take?: vitamins!

What did you want to be?: a musician.

Who did you fight?: my friends.

Who/What did you believe in?: jesus h.

Where did you go?: fashionable places.

What did you learn?: dont fuck unless there is something in it for you.

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