Who Are You?: phil

Where Are You?: mcmahons point, sydney

What Are You?: advertising art director

What do you make?: nothing. but that's ok. as long as i'm happy.

What do you love?: surfing, swimming, fish, water, books, music, beautiful things, beautiful girls.

What do you hate?: i'd say i hate violence, sexism, racism etc...but the truth is far more selfish and mundane. i hate being mocked. i hate feeling inadequate (not that i do very often) and most of all i hate not sleeping well.

What do you listen to?: all the usual left field stuff that everyone else here seems to listen too. Peter 'Where do you go to my lovely' Sarstedt made a beautiful album around 1969. find it if you like that sort of thing.

What do you watch?: girls legs, breasts, faces. no shame in that eh? i'm drawn to beauty.

What do you drink?: too damn much. it's a problem.

What do you smoke?: puff on a joint once in a while.

What do you take?: vitamins daily. illegal narcotics less frequently.

What do you believe in?: me, most of the time.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: malvern, worcestershire

What were you?: immature, adolescent, not as clever as i thought.

What did you wear?: standard mid eighties goth/alternative gear

What did you listen to?: juvenile depression rock - jamc, mbv, loop etc...

What did you watch?: dempsey and makepeace, snubtv, myself

What did you love?: helen ainsworth, helena tarr

What did you hate?: anyone who didn't realise i was fucking cool

What did you drink?: beer and cider

What did you smoke?: pot whenever possible.

What did you take?: i'd have taken heroin if i could have got hold of it but fortunately the scag scene hadn't hit the provinces then. instead, i took books out of the library and took myself too seriously.

What did you want to be?: rock star

Who did you fight?: monstrous evil parents and all others who didn't understand.

Who/What did you believe in?: jim reid

Where did you go?: london via art college and going round the fucking bend.

What did you learn?: just get on with it

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