Who Are You?: a 21 year old StarWars nerd/geek take your pick.

Where Are You?: in my kitchen with alot of time to waste.

What Are You?: a Travis Perkins worker who is underpaid, hopefully liked by my friends.

What do you make?: as little as possible...

What do you love?: StarWars, honest people, good songs, good films, Natalie Portman...and so on...and so on.

What do you hate?: Jar Jar Binks,people who dont have the guts to be honest and upfront with me,bad songs,bad films (but some of them are cool),not having enough time in this world.

What do you listen to?: The Smiths/Morrissey,Turin Brakes,anything that makes me smile,people who complain that the timber isnt straight,that little devil on my left shoulder.

What do you watch?: StarWars films,some TV,whatever film is playing at the Tivoli during the week.

What do you drink?: fosters,JDs,too much fizzy and not enough water.

What do you smoke?: other peoples smoke.

What do you take?: a small wage home every month,after that nothing.

What do you believe in?: StarWars is just a film but it is magic,oh...and maybe someday i could meet Natalie Portman!

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Tiverton High School.

What were you?: a spotty teenager trying to fit in and be liked,also a wanna be basketball god.

What did you wear?: the school uniform and a very bad taste in baggy jeans and shirts whilst trying to look like a rapper.

What did you listen to?: DeathRow records,D n B,MoWax.

What did you watch?: too much TV and not looking at where my life was going,other people going out with the good looking girls in school.

What did you love?: every girl who i got on with,basketball,Dennis Rodman and myself every night.

What did you hate?: myself for trying to hard to be liked and for not really being myself,other people who didnt like me.

What did you drink?: only fizzy drinks.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: alot of lessons away with me when i grew up.

What did you want to be?: that basketball God.

Who did you fight?: no one i was to wimpy to fight.

Who/What did you believe in?: Dennis Rodman/that no matter how bad i was at things i could always improve if i didnt try to hard to be liked.

Where did you go?: into the work force and have been there ever since.

What did you learn?: i should have listened more in school and the pretty girls all end up having babies.

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