Who Are You?: David, 24 years old. Do you have the expression "7 difficult years" in th enlish language? If you do, or if you understand that expression anyway, then you'll know what happened in between 16 and 24. (It's more than 7 years though, so I've had some time to recover and recapitulate.

Where Are You?: Stockholm (again)

What Are You?: a tiger trap a man-hating man a-student

What do you make?: art, art criticism, love, music, music criticism (soon)

What do you love?: well apart from loving women.. I dunno. My Grandmother, my best friend Sara, the records I'm gonna buy... I dunno.

What do you hate?: hiphop attitude and associated kinds of fascism. (I'm not kidding you. I fucking hate that shit!)

What do you listen to?: Now? Beat Happening... Otherwise I like My Bloody Valentine, Comet Gain, Chris Isaak, Velvet Underground, Seamonster 1, Swallow, Mazzy Star, Felt, Aislers Set, Clientele, Mahogany, ..... or just the birds and the dripping from the faucet...

What do you watch?: not tv anyway... when I have the opportunity i go see good contemporary art - Pippilotti Rist, Mathiew Barney,Josef Beuys...

What do you drink?: orange soda or beer, whiskey sometimes

What do you smoke?: kippers

What do you take?: whatever

What do you believe in?: dunno... nothing I guess.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: I moved away from home the day before my 16th birthday.

What were you?: An ex-indie kid. Living alone as I was I had all the time in the world to build up my cool...

What did you wear?: ..and so I wore pointy shoes, white bellbottoms and a white Lee Rider jacket, paisly shirts...the works!

What did you listen to?: into pop-sike and onily pop-sike (a.k.a. pop oriented UK Psychedelia from 1967).

What did you watch?: Nothing. I was an arrogant li'l bastard, still am.

What did you love?: Malin, my beautyful girlfriend. And the 7" singles labeled "Made in England" , "1967" and possibly "DERAM".

What did you hate?: squares

What did you drink?: Straa Rum

What did you smoke?: Reefers

What did you take?: I took everything I wanted in the second hand shop. Noone ever tried to make me pay. But if you're asking about drugs... and you are... No, I took no drugs! weird hu?

What did you want to be?: an artist/musician/in-crowd kind of guy.

Who did you fight?: The Unimaginative, the teachers

Who/What did you believe in?: Myself

Where did you go?: Roskilde to see Ozric Tentacles (remember 'em?). I went to art class

What did you learn?: can't remember... this is all bogus. Read Roland Barthes and learn about conscious and unvoluntary memory. It is an impossibility to reconstruct without changing everything. All I knew or learnt back then I've had to revise since then. Nothing can be told like it was.

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